Hair Evolution Of Katy Perry

Emily Here, I love dying my hair because  It is the instant confidence that it gives me. Katy Perry can literally do no wrong when it comes to her hair colour. One of the many reasons why I just love Katy Perry. We are going to take a trip down Perry Lane with her quirky Katy Perry hair looks.


The Muppets inspired Animal colour this hair style definitely roars. I love the use of the re-growth that really pays tribute to animals natural look.


The popstar took to instagram to show everyone her spring inspired hair colour. “SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING”

The slime green colour is such a daring colour. I love it but I won’t ever try this one out.


I love how adding just a little bit of purple to her already dark hair created this gothic/ girly / TO DIE FOR Look.


A simple blue rinse just like our grand mother used to do but Katy Perry twists it and gives it a modern edge.


This Retro disco look is perfect for bringing back disco it is very cartoonish and simply perfect.


This natural and very normal colour is a classy and sophisticated look for her.


 Katy Perry- The Carebear. I love the pastel colour of the pink it is a great shade for her.

What is your favourite colour on her? 

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